The Online Learning Environment:

The Jerusalem Prophecy College online learning program has been designed for students who desire to participate in the JPC program but cannot attend the physical college in Jerusalem. With the online program, you can study from the convenience of your home and flexibility to fit the busiest schedule.

How it works:

JPC Online contains 5 courses of study. Each course lasts 15-16 weeks and the entire program can be completed in just over a year and a half. Students completing all 5 courses will receive a certificate of completion that is hand signed by Dr. Baxter.

Each course consists of weekly lessons and quizzes that open on Monday. Students will have until the following Sunday to review the lesson and complete the quiz. There is no set class time, so students will need to budget about 2-3 hours each week to complete their assignments. Students will be tested over the first half of the course material in a midterm exam. To conclude the course, students will need to complete and pass a cumulative final exam.

In addition to the weekly lessons, midterm and final examinations, students will have the opportunity to complete discussion assignments and connect with other students from around the world. These discussion assignments will help students focus on specific themes covered in the course and utilize critical thinking skills in applying their knowledge to various situations.

All materials and lessons are administered electronically through a learning management system (LMS) called CourseSites (by Blackboard).

The program of courses is as follows:

Course 1: Understanding the End Time

14 lessons

The first semester is intended to set a foundational knowledge for the remainder of the program. Students completing this course of study will have an extensive understanding of subjects such as the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist and False Prophet, the prophetic timeline and many other topics relating to Bible prophecy. The student will also gain knowledge about current events relating to Bible prophecy, providing that we are living in the end time.

Course 2: Theology and End Time Christianity

14 lessons

End time Christians will be tested harder than ever before. It will become imperative for Christians to hold to Biblical truths and doctrine with unwavering commitment in an atmosphere of unbelief and persecution. This semester has been developed to teach the student of a foundational understanding of Bible doctrine, what it takes for true salvation and supplemental prophecy lessons that complement the first semester. The knowledge and wisdom gained from the classes during this semester are an absolute must for any Christian living in the end time.

Course 3: Daniel Commentaries

14 lessons

This semester is a perquisite to the fourth and final semesters of the Jerusalem Prophecy College. A student of Bible prophecy must obtain a complete understanding of the visions, imagery, and teachings of Daniel, as it is vital to knowing God’s plan for mankind before His Second Coming and the eventual establishment of His kingdom upon this earth. Through Daniel, God revealed His succession plan for the kingdoms and rulers that will exist during the end time. The mysteries of the Book of Revelation cannot be fully unraveled without an understanding of the Book of Daniel. In this crucial course, the instructor will provide insight into the Old Testament teachings from the Book of Daniel and explain it in depth so as to prepare the student for the final course at Jerusalem Prophecy College – Revelation Commentaries.

Courses 4 & 5: Revelation Commentaries

Each course contains 11 lessons,

22 total lessons for the Revelation Commentaries courses

For centuries, Revelation has perplexed scholars, ministers, and laymen alike. Now, these largely misunderstood and misinterpreted dark sayings of old will explode with new meaning through this hard-hitting Biblical analysis of the Book of Revelation in which God reveals the most immediate plan for His people. This course will cover a detailed explanation of the seal, trumpets, and vials, master plan of the dragon, the Great Tribulation, the wrath of God, signposts of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, timeline of the end and when will the rapture happen?

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be granted to all students who successfully satisfy the requirements for the five-course study.